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SM481 - Insersora de Componentes SMD - Fast Flexible Placer

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SM481 - Insersora de Componentes SMD - Fast Flexible Placer

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Pick & Placer Rápido e Flexivel


  •  Speed : 40,000CPH
  • Structure : 1 Gantry x 10 Spindles/Head
  • Parts : 0402(01005")~?42mm(H15mm)
  • Accuracy : ±40?@±3σ/Chip


  • PCB Size : L460xW400(Standard)




Highly reliable SM481 is a new generation of chipshooter from Samsung Techwin.  Single Gantry with 10 Placement Heads

Cost of ownership is extremely low due to the simple yet reliable X/Y/Z structure.

Easy to use software allows users to quckly learn the machine and get the most from it.  Standard component library has more than 1800 shapes and the polygonic algorithm automatically detects component outlines on difficult components.


  • Built in vacuum pump making air consumption just 50Nl/min!!!!
  • Easily Identifieable Feeders
  • Adaptive Pick Up
  • Front and back operation as standard
  • Large PCB Size of 460mm x 400mm
  • 01005 component recognition as standard
  • 120 x 8mm Feeder Capacity
  • High Accuracy ±50µ@3σ/Chip
  • Small Footprint of just 1650mm x 1680mm x 1530mm
  • 4.7KVA Max Power
Placement Rate: 39'000cph optimum
Placement Accuracy: ±50µ@3σ/Chip
Component Range: 01005~16mm² by flying vision
  Optional Camera available for devices up to 42mm²
  Max Height = 10mm, (15mm Optional)
PCB Size: 460mm x 400mm
PCB Thickness: 0.38 ~ 4.2mm
Feeder Capacity: 120 x 8mm


  • Fixed Cameras for larger devices
  • 15mm Component height optional (Factory order only)
  • Board Size 510mm x 460mm
  • Board Size 610mm x 510mm
  • Board Size 740mm x 460mm
  • Intelligent Feeder and Parts system
  • Feeder Docking Carts
  • Flux Dipping Feeder
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